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About Block Island Brands

Block Island Brands’ products recall a simpler time and place. People flock to The Block every summer to swim and soak up the sun on its miles of white sand beaches. Founded in 2010, Block Island Brands, Inc. produces soaps, lotions and deodorants for mind and body that will sweep you back across Block Island Sound to Rhode Island’s ocean jewel.

Our DST (Darker Skin Tones) products are formulated and manufactured specifically for the needs of darker skin toned individuals. We have been serving the needs of multicultural customers since 2013.

Pamper yourself with BlockSoap hand-crafted triple-milled bar soaps and liquid hand soaps painstakingly formulated using pure botanical oils & extracts, olive and coconut oils, creamy Shea and Cocoa butters and other gentle ingredients to produce velvety-rich lathering cleansing bars and liquids. Our gentle, plant-based formulations are also free from animal testing. We also offer an African Style Black Soap for sensitive skin made using roasted Cameroon Cocoa pod exfoliate. Pamper yourself with these artisan soaps to leave skin clean, moisturized and invigorated.

Soothe your skin with all natural BlockLotion to revive dry skin and leave you feeling smooth and soft.

All Block Island Brands products are painstakingly manufactured using the highest quality ingredients sold at affordable prices. Pick up some soon.


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